Our business is based on casting and machining copper alloys. Both of these processes take place within the same plant, thus reducing transportation and particle emissions. Our impact on the environment has three significant aspects: airborne particulate emissions; the consumption of raw materials, energy and water; and waste management and transportation.

In all our business operations, we consider legal statutes, regulations and the other requirements of our community and owners merely as a starting point, and are committed to minimizing the negative impact of our business on the environment.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Continually improving our environmental performance through preventive measures designed to reduce our environmental impact.
  • Identifying and tracking targets and drawing up action plans related to significant environmental concerns.
  • Influencing the customer’s choice of material(s).
  • Purchasing from suppliers who have an active environmental protection program.
  • Sorting and recycling the waste and residues generated by our business.
  • Educating, motivating and informing our employees about environmental efforts.
  • Actively cooperating with authorities, organizations, suppliers and customers in the pursuit of solutions to better protect the environment.
  • Encouraging openness and dialogue with our customers, suppliers, employees, contractors, owners, authorities and the public on environmental issues in order to heighten awareness of our environmental policy.
  • Making sure that all employees and contractors who perform services on behalf of the organization are aware of the contents of this policy, which will always remain public.