About us

The Nordic countries’ leading manufacturer

Our vision is to always be your obvious choice as a supplier.

Our vision

Your first choice in bronze.


Our business concept

We will sustainably develop, produce and deliver first-class castings and machined components for industrial applications. With the market’s best product and service concept, we will be the industry’s “First choice in bronze”.


We will achieve this by offering:

  • Everything from single-item manufacture to large series of products weighing between a few grams and several tonnes
  • Customised solutions whereby materials and product design are adapted to customers’ requirements
  • Products manufactured using sustainable production and competitive technology
  • Extremely short delivery times from our production when customers have an urgent need
  • The Nordic countries’ biggest stock of castings and sliding bearings, which we can deliver within 24 hours
  • Technical support in the fields of machining, tribology and metallurgy
  • A big market presence and a high level of availability
  • A good work environment that attracts responsible, professional employees who wish to progress

Commence collaboration

We cast and machine products made of copper alloys, bronze and brass, and stock the Nordic countries’ biggest range of standard products. Meeting your requirements, satisfying your wishes and guaranteeing punctual delivery form the foundation of our business.

We are genuinely interested in our customers’ requirements, and thus place great value on an open dialogue and collaboration, in order to create value for both parties. We give advice, and provide you with customised products and solutions to meet your requirements. Whether you require manufacture of a single component or are in need of large series made of custom alloys and involving complex machining, we will be there for you.

Please feel free to email or phone us with your enquiries.

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