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Johnson Metall Ab has launched a development programme to reduce the company’s environmental impact – already exceptionally small – still further.

We not only use packaging made of renewable material whenever possible but also minimise the amount of packaging waste by recycling. All metal waste is melted and reused.

We favour environmentally friendly forms of energy in our production.

We have set long-term goals for the development of our operations, while bearing in mind our actions’ environmental impact. Our company’s main environmental effects are:

  • Emissions to the air and discharge into the water released to drains
  • Noise caused by our operations
  • Consumption of energy and raw material
  • Generation of waste

In connection with these points, we are committed to complying with the limits set forth in our environmental permit, along with all regulations and laws applying to our operations.

We continuously work to minimise the environmental impact of our operations by:

  • Setting goals aimed at minimal environmental impact and monitoring our performance with respect to them
  • Sorting and recycling as much of the waste we generate as possible
  • Providing information for our staff and encouraging them to participate actively in conservation work
  • Collaborating with authorities, clients, suppliers, and other interest groups to minimise environmental impacts
  • Informing our suppliers about our environment-related goals

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Johnson Metall AB
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Johnson Metall AB

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