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Cast alloys


Most economic and widely used bearing material. Good waer and sliding properties. Due to high lead content good machinablity.

  • J and JF standard bearings
  • Ball bearings
  • Ball valves
  • Pump housings


Good strenght combined with best wear resistance and slidig properties. Recommended alloy when dimensional accuracy is required under heavy, shock type, loads. Doesn’t adapt to edge loading as well as leaded tin bronzes. Good salt water and chemical corrosion resistance. Mating material is recommended to be hardened.

  • All types of sliding bearings
  • Selaing housings for marine


  • Worm wheels

  • Bolts

  • Sliding shoes


For grease lubrication or when the lubrication is intermittent leaded tin bronzes are your choice for the product. Lead acts as a dry lubricant during poor lubrication. Adapts to edge loading better than tin bronzes. Best alloys for water lubrication. Good resistance to sea water corrosion.

  • Stone crusher bearings
  • Sliding bearings on water


  • Sliding bearings with high edge loads


High strenght and corrosion resistance are the main reasons to select aluminium bronze. Sliding properties and wear resistance are lower combined to tin bronces. Mechanical properties are close to some structural steels. Many machine parts can be produced from aluminium bronze when checmical or sea water environment cause risk for corrocion of steel parts. Good lubrication required on slide bearing applications.

  • Propellers and propeller hubs
  • Worm wheels
  • Engine parts such as shims

    plates and bearings with high loading


High strenght yellow brass alloys stand up with their relatively good mechanical properties combined with good machinability and relatively good sliding properties. High zinc content makes these alloys prone for dezincification on sea water environment. Wear resistance and sliding properties leave behiind those of tin bronzes.

  • Locomotive cradle bearing
  • Sliding bearings
  • We produce also other EN 1982 alloys upon request
  • Please contact our sales for futher information

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