Cast products

Cast products made of bronze alloys.

Cast products

We cast products to your specifications and in accordance with your wishes.

Since starting up in 1940 we have invested heavily in retaining and developing our employees’ craftsmanship and professionalism. We transform carefully selected raw materials into the high-quality alloys that have become synonymous with the concept of quality in the field of bronze manufacture.

The casting process undergoes continuous monitoring of critical process parameters, and the castings are checked for chemical composition, shape and state, mechanical properties and microstructure.

Depending on the size and shape of the castings, we select the optimal casting method for your purposes.


Centrifugal casting

A casting method we use to cast tubes, rings, and other rotationally symmetrical components. With centrifugal casting the molten metal is poured into moulds that rotate about their axis – either horizontally or vertically. The outer part of the mould is water-cooled, to ensure directional solidification. This method creates dense castings of an even quality.

Continuous casting

With continuous casting the molten metal is poured from the furnace into a graphite mould via a crucible. The mould gives the casting its shape, and the latter is cooled with the aid of a water-cooled jacket, to ensure directional solidification. This method allows manufacture of castings with tight tolerances for further machining.

Sand casting

Sand casting is a casting method well suited to complex and/or large components. Depending on quantity and wear, a pattern is first manufactured – made of either steel, wood or aluminium. The manufactured pattern is then laid in a bed of sand, which is tightly packed and is secured using a bonding agent. The cavity formed created by the pattern is then filled with molten metal in order to manufacture the product.

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