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Quality and environment

Our goal is to always meet requirements and expectations regarding our products and services, and we are actively seeking to achieve a sustainable business with a low environmental impact. We are certified in accordance with ISO 9001/14001.

We’re working for a sustainable future

Our business is based on casting and machining of 100%-recyclable copper alloys. Our manufacturing process from raw material to finished product takes place within the same plant, resulting in energy-efficient production, with transportation causing a minimal impact on the environment. To further minimise our carbon footprint, we only use fossil-free electricity.


Quality policy

Our business is based on casting and machining of copper alloys.

Johnson Metall AB will always deliver products and services that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations.


We will achieve this by

  • Listening to our customers and understanding their requirements
  • Building long-term, trusting relationships with our customers, business partners, society and other stakeholders
  • Constantly working on improvements to our processes, so as to achieve maximum customer value and flawless products and services
  • Establishing measurable goals for the business and continuously following up on them
  • Involved and committed employees understand their own role, and take responsibility for the quality of their work, applying a “correct from the start” mentality


Environmental policy

Our business is based on casting and machining of copper alloys.

Carrying out both these processes within the same plant reduces transportation and dust emissions. Our reduced environmental impact is mainly thanks to the significant environmental considerations in the following areas: dust to air; consumption of raw materials; energy and water; waste management and transport.

It is our intention to carry out this business, for which laws, regulations and other requirements on the part of owners and society only constitute a minimum requirement, in a way that has the minimum negative impact on the environment.


We will achieve this by

  • Constantly improving our environmental work through preventive work, in order to reduce our own environmental impact
  • Defining and following up objectives and drawing up plans of action related to the significant environmental considerations
  • Influencing customers’ choice of materials
  • In our purchase of supplies, using suppliers who carry out active environmental work
  • Sorting at source the waste/residual products generated by the business
  • Educating, motivating and informing our employees, and involving them in active environmental work
  • Actively collaborating with authorities, organisations, suppliers and customers in our striving to achieve solutions so as to better protect the environment
  • We will encourage openness and a dialogue with our customers, suppliers, employees, contractors, owners, authorities and the general public regarding environmental issues, and will issue information on our environmental policy
  • All employees and contractors who carry out services on behalf of the organisation are aware of the content of this policy, to which the general public also have access if they so desire.

Commence collaboration

We cast and machine products made of copper alloys, bronze and brass, and stock the Nordic countries’ biggest range of standard products. Meeting your requirements, satisfying your wishes and guaranteeing punctual delivery form the foundation of our business.

We are genuinely interested in our customers’ requirements, and thus place great value on an open dialogue and collaboration, in order to create value for both parties. We give advice, and provide you with customised products and solutions to meet your requirements. Whether you require manufacture of a single component or are in need of large series made of custom alloys and involving complex machining, we will be there for you.

Please feel free to email or phone us with your enquiries.

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